Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you have a hat on girly everything will be a.o.k.

Bonjour to all you girlys,

Hope your day was faboulous and full of FASHION! So I was thinking today aka making a list of what I want for my B-day which is in 5 short little days and something that came up multiple times was HATS along with many sewing books. I think if I had to choose hats would be my absolute FAV accessorise which is saying alot because I really like shoes and bags and jewelry and scarfs as well but Hats are so fun and unique what would say as your favorite accessorise? By the way did you know that historians think that hats might have been the first piece of apparel items worn by humans? Crazy oui? I sure wish I knew how to make Hats next time I learn a skill its going to be hat making! BTW the Hat on my head mannequin is vintage SAKS 5th avenue cute non?

Oh and of course cant forget to show you what I wore today:

and one more

Boots: Rocket Dogs, Socks: Juicy, Skirt: Mini Boden Vintage, Shirt: Lacoste, Headband: Tommy Hilfiger and exxxtremely uncomfortable!

I have an interview with Some Girls Boutique coming up for a Springtime apprenticeship so over this weekend I whipped up a dress for it I still need to hem the lining but once I wear it I'll defiently post it up

Oh and Girlys I have a Question, How do I get people like you to come read by blog and become my followers? I sure dont want to babbling on to nobody ; )

Kisses Emelie